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A perfect summer skincare regime! 10 Ways to Glow Naturally

by venugopal balaji 22 Apr 2022

Summer comes with endless opportunities for fun and enjoyment, but it also brings the inevitable skin woes. From the oppressive heat to the onslaught of UV rays, your skin is going to suffer. To make matters worse, many of us resort to using harsh chemicals and heavy makeup to cover up our problems. But is that really the best solution? Here are 10 helpful tips that will help you achieve glowing, healthy skin without resorting to harsh chemicals or makeup!

Pro Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

  1. Cleanse, Cleanse and Cleanse:

When it comes to maintaining your skin, this is the most important factor you must consider. Particularly after you've been outside for a while, try to keep your skin clean and soft. Why? Because the next stages of pampering require that your skin be clean. It would be ideal to opt for a facewash with a silicone facial cleanser as it deeply cleanses pores to remove impurities, makeup and excess oil.

  1. Exfoliate and Win the Beauty Game:

Scrubbing is something that you must really pay attention to if you want smooth skin, but cleansing is one thing that makes your complexion feel great. If you want to scrub those dead cells away, using AntiOxidant Scrub makes a lot of sense. The scrub must-have anti-ageing properties that help to eliminate dead skin cells, brighten skin, and prevent wrinkles. It should be sulphate and paraben-free.

  1. Tone Up and Moisturize Your Skin:

After all that cleaning and scrubbing, it's vital to tone and moisturize your skin, so your confidence plays a crucial role in how your skin looks.

A good toner helps restore and balance your skin's pH level. Age-related fine lines are prevented by natural antioxidants. So, when it comes to selecting a toner we suggest a rose toner as it rehydrates, clarifies and tones skin to minimize pores and give it a natural refreshing glow.

It's necessary that you moisturize based on your skin texture to avoid irritation, breakouts, and acne, especially when it comes to moisturizing. is a combination of natural and powerful bioactive, including marigold, winter cherry, liquorice, aloe vera, Brahmi, as well as argan oil and Vit E. The cream-gel formula nourishes dry skin and makes it soft.

  1. Add a Punch of Antioxidants:

Antioxidants help prevent free radicals from damaging your skin. They help your skin look younger while preventing signs of ageing. Make sure to add products that consist of antioxidants to your skincare regime. An authentic blend of precious Ayurvedic herbs rejuvenates skin, brightens complexion, prevents sagging and enhances youthful radiance. The most important part is that it prevents sagging, the appearance of fine lines thus minimizing the signs of ageing.

As for your diet add herbal tea as it detoxifies the body, increases immunity, and boosts digestion. It should offer you relaxation from stress and anxiety.

  1. Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet:

Your skin must glow from the outside as well as the inside in order to be healthy. To help your skin get a glow from within, you'll need to eat a lot of nutritious fruits and vegetables. You may easily add up these fruits to your meal or make a smoothie of one of them to help you reach glowing skin. Try adding lemon, papaya, cucumber, watermelon, and oranges to your diet for a boost of Vitamin C.

Watermelons and cucumbers are hydrating foods that have a cooling effect on the body. Moreover, why not enjoy that mango-the yum fruit that protects your skin from DNA damage and inflammation. Antioxidants present in pomegranate help defend against UV damage and skin pigmentation. Bananas, grapes, and strawberries have a similarly positive influence on your skin. Broccoli is also a good option for healthy skin. Also, to keep that gorgeous complexion, include a variety of nuts in your diet, such as almonds, walnuts, and chia seeds.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

It is critical for us to stay well hydrated during this crazy summer season to maintain our natural beauty. When you go outdoors, always carry a water bottle. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day will help you eliminate waste from your body. Water helps remove impurities from the skin, giving you a bright complexion. Buttermilk, coconut water, and fruit and vegetable juices are all excellent hydration.

  1. Use Sunscreen:

Make it a rule never to leave the house without using sunscreen. Although the sun provides Vitamin D, exposing your skin to UV rays for an extended period is harmful. Use natural and non-toxic UV protection products from Ayurveda.

  1. Proper 8 Hours Sleep:

Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is suggested for most adults, according to studies. Wrinkles, saggy skin, and dark circles under the eyes can all be healed by sleeping. So go to bed without your phone and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep and skin. 

As you get ready to rest make sure you give your under eyes the care they need with a relaxing massage with a roll-on applicator under eye gel enriched with the goodness of Cucumber, carrot, Vitamin E, vitamin to get rid of the dark circles, puffiness and eye strain.

  1. Workout:

Your body needs to do exercise in order to keep cortisol, a stress hormone, at optimal levels. Exercise improves blood circulation and supplies your skin with oxygen to live, as well as stimulating collagen growth. Workout also helps you glow with youthful, healthy skin by increasing the number of new skin cells.

  1. Light Dinner:

A Mantra for Beautiful Glowing Skin That Must Be Followed Day After Day Is Eating Light and Healthy and Early. For good skin, try vegetable stew or oats and spinach garlic curry for dinner instead of greasy foods like pizza or french fries. Take a meal at least two hours before bedtime.

Wrapping Up

Summer is the perfect time to take good care of your skin. By following a regular skincare routine, eating healthy, and resorting to simple yet effective natural remedies, you can easily restore balance and avoid any adverse effects on your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on achieving glowing skin this summer! 

Just in case you are into minimalistic skincare and believe in a lighter skincare regime for the summer. We have something handy for you.

 Rejuvinita,  ‘A Cell Rejuvenation Therapy to Youthful Radiance’ is a modern twist on ancient wisdom. Guess what? It is 100% organic. Enriched with an authentic blend of precious Ayurvedic herbs rejuvenates skin, brightens complexion, prevents sagging and enhances youthful radiance. 

A ‘4 in 1’ 100% organic gel which acts as a massage gel, leave-on mask, cleanser and soap-free wash. Besides detoxifying, cleansing and moisturizing, Rejuvinita minimizes the signs of ageing along with rejuvenating and brightening facial cells, it gives a natural facelift.

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