Every product of Vanaura organics is an assurance of quality ,purity and is made out of the finest ingredients in an ecologically sustainable manner. The products are unique innovations blending Ayurvedic wisdom and techniques with organic skin care techniques which are meant for a pleasurable use. Also the most formulations are all-in-one substitute for multiple products, yet more effective and chemical free. Vanaura organics believes in ecologically sustainable development. So packaging of the products spells no harm to the Mother Earth as they are eco-friendly. The brand uses mostly glass and jute as packaging materials with minimal use of recyclable plastic.


Rejuvinita 4 in 1Organic beauty gel ( wash off)

The brand Vanaura organics was born as a result of Dr Nayana Sivaraj's  genuine quest for pure, effective, harmless skincare products. Dr Nayana Sivaraj an Ayurvedic physician by profession has specialised in Ayurvedic psychiatry. She has been born to a place with a legacy in traditional Indian Ayurveda Besides that, she had keenly studied and researched various skin care and cosmetic techniques and had been relentlessly associating with skin care experts round the globe for developing an effective skin care range.

She had in mind the infinite possibilities of the authentic time tested Ayurvedic principles and formulations found in Ayurvedic classics Charaka Samhita, saranghadhara Samhita, Bhaishajya ratnavali , sahasra yogam mentioned in various contexts which deals with skin problems, ageless beauty and overall skin health. She and her team put together the aspects of Ayurveda ( the science of life), herbalism and organic skin care in a meticulous manner to bring out the best as an effective natural modern skin care regimen.

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