About Us

About Vanaura Organics

Vanaura Organics is a holistic skincare and haircare brand that merges ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern natural technologies. Founded by Dr. Nayana Sivaraj, the brand prioritizes effective, harm-free products using eco-friendly ingredients.

With Cosmos Organic and Cosmos Natural certifications, Vanaura Organics pioneers chemical-free solutions. The brand's innovation lies in its multifunctional, Ayurveda-based skincare that solves diverse skin concerns.

Driven by Dr. Nayana Sivaraj's expertise, Vanaura Organics offers a unique blend of traditional Ayurveda and cutting-edge organic skincare.

Pioneering Sustainability

Vanaura Organics emphasizes ecologically sustainable practices by sourcing the finest ingredients. Its formulations are preservative-free, packaged using eco-friendly materials such as glass and jute, with minimal use of recyclable plastic. The brand aims to create a positive impact on both skincare routines and overall well-being.

Recognition and Mission

Silicon India magazine has acknowledged Vanaura Organics as a top 10 emerging beauty brand of 2023. The brand caters to Indian customers seeking natural, organic, and eco-friendly self-care solutions. It focuses on enhancing skin tone, texture, and firmness, addressing skin issues while promoting rejuvenation and self-love.

Our Achievements