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What is COSMOS Organic Eco-Certification?

With many products being claimed as organic in today’s world, the need to identify truly natural and organic products has become the need of the hour. That’s where the COSMOS standard stepped in a little over a decade ago.

The COSMOS Organic Eco-Certification is an internationally recognized standard in the cosmetic industry – it ensures ethical sourcing of the ingredients used in cosmetic products and no use of synthetic chemicals to farm such ingredients. It postulates the omission of petrochemical ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and others in the production process as well as the farming of the ingredients.

COSMOS Organic Eco-Certification is only bestowed upon a company if 95% or more of the ingredients used in their product are organically cultivated and harvested.

Our COSMOS Organic Eco-Certified Product

We at Vanaura Organics are deeply committed to bringing about an organic paradigm shift in how skin and hair care is
practiced in our country. We make irrefutable claims of being inarguably organic – our COSMOS Organic Eco-Certified Products
“Rejuvinita 4-in-1 Organic Gel” and "Saffron+14 herbs, Night Repair Beauty Elixir" are a true testament to it.

Rejuvinita 4-in-1 Organic Gel (Massage Gel, Leave-on Mask, Cleanser, Soap-Free Wash), 50gm
Saffron+14 herbs, Night repair beauty elixir

Vanaura Organics

Saffron+14 herbs, Night repair beauty elixir

₹ 995.00 ₹ 1,211.00

Vanaura Organics quest for transforming the personal care industry

We believe that the ancient Ayurvedic sciences have willed to us a plethora of knowledge, which if put to use, can transform how we view personal care. The skincare industry has now reached a point of saturation, in which Vanaura Organics is a breath of fresh air.

We put to use the time-tested Ayurveda-based formulations using biodegradable ingredients, which are thoroughly examined, making us one of the very few brands in India to have the COSMOS Organic Eco-Certification. We strive to meet the in-depth criteria set by this global cosmetics standard for the ingredients we use, their sourcing, their formulations, and product packaging.

Vanaura Organics assures authenticity in organic products using unadulterated ingredients that ensure no products harm your skin. Say yes to the goodness of organic personal care.

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