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Decoding the power of hair

by sriandal v 04 Nov 2022

The power of hair: Decoding the hidden secrets

Hair is one of the most commonly used and talked about body parts. From the way we style it, to the myths and superstitions surrounding it, hair has a lot to say. In this blog, we'll be exploring the power of hair and decoding the hidden secrets. We'll be looking at hair traditions from around the world, discussing Kundalini energy and its connection to hair, and delving into the mysteries of hair energy. We hope you enjoy reading about the fascinating power of hair!

Paying attention to your hair and spiritual energy

Hair is one of the most visible and personal aspects of a person. It's often symbolic of a person's personality and can be a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. Proper hair care can help cleanse the aura, clear the mind, and promote peace. Compare your hair to electric circuitry and the power that transmits through it you get from vitamin D that is absorbed from sunlight to your hair and skin.

Native American hair traditions

Native American hair traditions are a beautiful thing to behold. By decoding the secrets of their hair, you can also harness the true powers and purpose of your hair. Hairstyles among the native Americans reflect their unique heritage and culture. Ancient tribes of North America were known for their thick long hair. They believe they connect to nature and the life force around them better through their hair. If you think about most saints, gurus and ancient leaders, you'll soon realize they all had long hair in common.

"Your hair is a natural extension of your nervous system." Our hair forms small antennas that gather and channel greater quantities of subtle, cosmic energy that balances the entire electromagnetic field of our body. These antennas absorb solar energy during the day and lunar energy at night. But this happens only if our hair is left uncut. They grow to a certain length and stop growing more which indicates that it's the right length for you. It takes approximately 3 years to grow back your antennas since your last trim.

Kundalini energy

Hair is often seen as an outward sign of inner beauty. But what lies beneath the surface? By decoding the secrets of hair, you can tap into its power to help improve your overall well-being. Kundalini energy is often associated with spirituality and is said to be the power of life. There are many benefits to unlocking this hidden power in your hair - from improved concentration and focus to greater physical health and vitality! The power of Kundalini energy can be harnessed through yogic practices and meditation. But that's not all. Hair is not just hair - it's a carrier of energy. So, by decoding its secrets, you can tap into its power to help improve your overall well-being in many ways!

Can your hair hold energy?

Your hair is one of the most powerful parts of your body. Not only does it look great, but it can also help you attract positive energy and ward off negative energy. When styling your hair, take care not to damage it - improper techniques can disrupt your hair's energy flow and cause negative effects. Additionally, your hair is one of the best places to store energy. Treat it well and it will return the favor by giving you healthy hair and radiant skin. However, hair can also be a window into our innermost emotions and thoughts. As such, it's important to take care of it by nourishing it with the right nutrients and water. 


In this blog, we've explored the hidden power of hair and its connection to our spiritual energy, kundalini energy, native American hair traditions and hair energy. We've also provided tips on harnessing hair's power and preventing negative hair energy from interfering with your daily life. If you find yourself struggling with hair lacking luster and health, you're at the right place. 

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