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Hair fall trouble? Get to the root cause

by Yogeswari D 11 May 2022

Does it set your panic mode on, When you notice a lot of hair strands on your comb or shower drain? Take a few deep breaths and relax! According to science, Every day some amount of hair loss is normal. Hair has a natural cycle of growth, rest, and fall. Our hair growth is influenced by genetics, age, nutrition and metabolism. If you've been mystified about whether your hair fall is normal or a reason to worry, this article will address your questions.

How much hair fall is normal in a day?

According to experts, hair loss is normal, If it ranges from 50 to 100 hairs per day.

Average estimates on how much hair fall is normal in a day:

Reason for hair loss :

1.Hair falls while combing or brushing

You will be frustrated if your hair falls out while brushing. The hair that has already dropped out of the follicles is the one that falls out. This hair is easily distinguished from the other hairs by brushing it. A common occurrence.

Brushing your hair too vigorously can harm it and make it frizzy. Therefore, don't do it! To eliminate tangles from your hair, use a high-quality serum.
2.Hair falls while washing

Hair fall in the shower is also a normal phenomenon. Several hair strands that are already detached from the head are collected during washing the hair. Some shampoo chemicals might be harmful, resulting in hair breakage or increased hair loss.

If you notice that the shampoo is causing more hair fall than usual in the shower, you might want to stop using it and try different shampoo. A shampoo that is a mild yet deeply cleansing gel shampoo, without harmful chemicals for repairing and gently cleansing scalp and hair. For strong, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair make use of a conditioner as it locks in moisture and gradually works on improving hair strength and smoothness.
3.Hair Fall While Oiling

It's also common to see hair falling out while oiling. Fallen hair will stick to your hands while you are massaging the oil into your scalp. Don’t lose heart and stop oiling your hair. Oil your hair with the help of a herbal oil as it promotes hair growth by strengthening roots and stimulating hair follicles, also conditions nurture and strengthens from root to tip. 

If the total number of strands you lose in a day is less than 100, you should not be concerned about hair falling during brushing, shampooing, or oiling your hair.

Causes of excessive hair loss

Excessive hair shedding might be seen by anyone who loses more than 100 hairs per day or notices large clumps of hair falling out.

Stressful situations or big alterations in the body may cause excessive hair shedding. Such as

  • Giving birth
  • Changing or stopping birth control pills
  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Getting high fever
  • Recovering from an illness
  • Recovering from an operation
  • Losing a loved one
You may see the hair loss improve after the body has recovered from such harsh circumstances. Excessive hair loss may be caused by medical problems such as thyroid disease, hormone imbalances during menopause, or cancer. Excessive hair loss can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies.


Hair loss is a natural process that occurs with ageing, but it can also be accelerated by underlying medications, exposure to pollutants, and stress. Luckily, there are many ways to combat hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp. At Vanaura Organics, we are passionate about helping people achieve their beauty goals by customizing an effective hair care regimen that takes into account their current hair conditions and needs. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase our products today and start seeing results!


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