90 Days Bright and Clear Daily Skin Care Routine with 4 in 1 Rejuvinita Facial Glow Gel

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Rediscover your lost radiance with our CTM for normal skin containing cleanser (100ml), toner(100ml) and moisturiser(100ml) and Rejuvinita 4 in 1 (50g). Rejuvenate your skin cells and get a youthful radiance. Leave behind your skin woes, and enrich your skin naturally with Vanaura's organic skincare range. While solutions for oily and dry skin are reasonably easy to come by, normal skin is sometimes overlooked in the realm of skincare. Vanaura, on the other hand, has a fantastic CTM that helps to cleanse, tone, hydrate, nourish, and moisturise your skin.

Product benefits: 

  • De tans & detoxifies
  • Balances excess sebum
  • Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for 72hrs.
  • Anti ageing effects on regular use
  • Reduces melanin production under UV exposure
  • Refreshes skin instantly
  • Naturally balances pH level of your skin
  • Brightens your skin complexion
  • Improves facial blood circulation
  • Prevents skin sagging

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