90 Days Clean and Clear Lightening Daily Skin Care Routine (CTM for Oily/Acne Prone Skin)

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Acne and Oily skin can seem inseparable. But no anymore! Bid goodbye to not just Acne but all other oily skin problems with Vanaura's oily skin care range. The CTM regime decreases the appearance of acne scars and controls oil secretion. The cream melts into your skin and nourishes it from the inside out. It hydrates and detoxifies your skin, as well as provides moisture.

Product benefits :
  • Enhances skin brightness
  • Detoxifies and energizing cleanser
  • Balances excess sebum
  • Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for 72hrs.
  • Anti ageing effects on regular use
  • Depigments the active dark spots
  • Reduces melanin production under UV exposure
  • Refreshes skin instantly
  • Naturally balances pH level of your skin

Open pores
Skin irritation
Uneven skin tone
Skin redness
Skin pigmentation
Excess sebum
Pollution after effects
Acne & Pimples
Acne prone skin

A perfect choice for all skin types
For acne-prone & oilyskin
Perfect for both summers & winters
As a perfect makeup base
For the hyaluronic acid fam

A healthy skin essential that is enriched with Anti-aging and mood boosting qualities.

The presence of Calendula oil and antimicrobial agents in Marigold reduces inflammation & acne.

Carrots contain beta carotene,that heals skin tissues & protects the skin from harmful radiation.

Is enriched with licochalcone A the best sun protection component.

Aloe vera has an astringent quality that draws dirt and other toxins from the skin.

Neem aids in the prevention of fresh acne outbreaks, fights blackheads and whiteheads.

Winter Cherry:
Winter Cherry is high in antioxidants and anti-aging qualities, that reduce signs of ageing.

Roman chamomile:
An excellent anti-inflammatory & antibacterial that soothes sore skin and regenerates tissues.

The presence of exquisite roses tones, reduces fine wrinkles, and hydrates the skin profoundly.

Neem aids in the prevention of fresh acne outbreaks. In addition, it fights blackheads and whiteheads.

Basil is an excellent natural pore cleanser that helps prevent acne.

Best way to get the best results would be...

Step 1: Using water, wet your face and neck. Using the pump in Marigold & Orange Mild foaming face cleanser, dispense the face wash onto the brush. Massage for about a minute in circular strokes. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry.

Step 2: Spray a generous amount of Roman chamomile and Rose, Soothing facial toner mist on your face. For optimal results, let it sit for some time before moisturizing

Step 3: Take a small amount of the neem & basil moisturizer. Gently massage the cream into your face and neck.

Make a test patch on your hand before application on face as even natural ingredients can sometimes give allergic reactions.

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