4-step Advanced Skincare Routine Kit (CTM for Dry Skin + Undereye Gel Serum) for clear skin

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Brighten your dull skin and add a radiant glow to your face with Vanaura's CTM for dry skin containing cleanser (100ml), toner (100ml) and moisturiser (100ml). Add a little more care to your everyday eye care with Vanaura's undereye gel serum (15ml). The routine not only enhances the quality of your skin but also rejuvenates it from within. This cream will replenish your skin and restore its natural radiance if you have dry skin. Your skin will stay hydrated and moisturised throughout the day because of its therapeutic effects.

Product benefits :

  • Cleanses, tones and moisturises
  • Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for 72hrs.
  • Anti ageing effects on regular use
  • Reduces melanin production under UV exposure
  • Refreshes skin instantly
  • Naturally balances pH level of your skin
  • Reduces the appreance undereye dark circles
  • Prevents formation of fine lines under eyes
  • Perfect alternative for greasy undereye cream


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