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Beginner's Skin Care Combo

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Orange & Marigold Cleanser: Hydrating, brightening, detoxifying. Sulphate & paraben-free for moisturized, radiant skin.Rejuvinita: Rejuvenates, brightens, prevents sagging

Natural floral and fruit extracts with derived surfactants for gentle cleansing, combined with organic tech.

1. Orange and marigold Mild foaming face cleanser with silicon brush (100ml)
2.  Rejuvinita Organic Gel (50g)

  • Enhances skin brightness
  • Balances excess sebum
  • Locks moisture and non drying to skin
  • Prevents skin sagging and De tans
  • Detoxifies , Cleanses and Moisturizes skin
  • Brightens skin complexion

Orange and Marigold Mild Foaming Face Cleanser:
- Use with the silicon brush for gentle cleansing.

Rejuvinita Organic Gel:
- Apply as needed for massage, cleansing, or leave-on mask.

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