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Mother and Baby Combo

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Experience holistic care with our combo: Rejuvinita, your versatile skincare solution, and Baby Charm, a gentle body butter for your baby's soft, healthy skin.

Advanced organic skincare tech combined with Ayurvedic principles for effective solutions.

1. Rejuvinita Organic Gel (50g)
2. Baby Charm Massage Butter (50g)

  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Detoxifies , Cleanses and Moisturizes skin
  • Prevents skin sagging and De tans Benefits of Baby Charm- Protects the baby's body from skin infections
  • Brightens and bring out your baby's inherent charm naturally.
  • Locks in the natural moisture of baby’s skin.

Rejuvinita Organic Gel:
- Apply as needed for massage, cleansing, or leave-on mask.

Baby Charm Massage Butter:
- Gently massage onto baby's skin before bath.

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