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Radiant Skin Bar Trio and Charcoal Detox

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Saffron bar combats UV damage, saffron's antioxidants protect from free radicals. Charcoal bar detoxifies, controls oil balance, and guards against pollution. Skin feels rejuvenated and radiant

Experience the power of saffron and charcoal for detoxified, radiant skin protection against environmental stressors.

1. Pack of 3 Saffron Herbal Bathing Bar (125gm)

2. Charcoal Bathing Bar (125gm)

  • Brigtens & De tans skin complexion
  • Suitable for both Men and Women
  • Rejuvenates your skin
  • Reduces the signs of ageing

Radiant Skin Bar Trio:
- Use Saffron Herbal Bathing Bar for rejuvenating the skin.
- Use Charcoal Bathing Bar for detoxification.

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