Passion Fruit and Saffron Skin Repairing Rich Moisturizing Body Milk

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Have you ever wondered, in an age when most anti-aging creams focus solely on the face, "but what about the body?" Fret not. We have got your body care needs covered. Vanaura's Passion Fruit and Saffron Skin Repairing Rich Moisturizing Body Milk is enriched with the virtues of carrot, cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and Argan oil, the combination that soothes, heals and nourishes your skin. The lotion feels great on the skin, and it soothes and conditions the skin for a healthier look. Here’s your secret to prove age is just a number. This lotion is fragrance-free and lightweight, making it easily absorbable and providing deep treatments such as stretch mark reduction, skin tightening, and skin texture evenness.

Product benefits

  • Enriched with moisture lock technology and ultra-hydration formulation.
  • Gives nourishing moisturization for 72 hours.
  • Provides deep hydration and nourishment.
  • Soothes and conditions the skin.
  • Moisturizes, softens, restores, heals and calms the skin.
  • To remove body tan
  • Aids in skin lightening
  • Instantly resolves dryness

Body tan
Body dryness
Body dullness
Body pigmentation
Age signs or age spots in face / body

Perfect for those with dry skin
For nature skin care lovers
Best suited for the temperate regions
Perfect for those who love soft and supple skin
Suitable for all skin types
Suitable for face & body - PM care routine

Passion fruit oil:
Rich in protective antioxidants like lycopene, it helps maintain a firm and youthful skin complexion.

Argan oil:
Argan oil contains free fatty acids, which keep the skin moisturised and control oil production.

Cocoa butter:
The presence of Natural fats in Coco butter help lock in moisture and nourish your skin.

The natural enhancing agent that helps reduce pigmentation and blemishes.

Liquorice root:
Is enriched with licochalcone A the best sun protection component.

Aloe vera:
Aloe vera has an astringent quality that draws dirt and other toxins from the skin.

Best way to get the best results would be...

Step 1: Pump the required amount in your hand and spread it all over your body.
Step 2: Massage gently for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed in your skin.

Pro tip 😎:
For best results use this body butter after a shower to seal the moisture.

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