Glow Boosting Saffron Night Repair Beauty Elixer (For overnight skin repair & nourishment)

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Are you looking for something that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin? Vanaura Organics renders a natural solution to the signs of ageing by infusing Age-old Ayurvedic principles with a modern twist. Do you wish to know the secret to smooth and spotless skin? The secret to a youthful glow and ageless beauty lies in Vanaura's Saffron +14 herbs night repair beauty elixir. Saffron + 14 Herbs, Night Repair Beauty Elixir is a miraculous blend of oils and herbs prepared in line with Ayurvedic principles for a glowing complexion and even skin tone. The light, quick-absorbing, non-sticky formulation enliven your skin and protects it from sun damage and detrimental effects of environmental pollutants. A rejuvenating collagen boosting anti-ageing serum that restores youthfulness, resulting in younger, and firmer-looking skin.

    Product benefits
    • Gives your skin a youthful skin glow.
    • Perfect for correcting fine lines and blemishes.
    • Provides overnight nourishment for your skin.
    • Brightens your skin complexion and smoothens skin tone.
    • Corrects hyperpigmentation
    • Light & non sticky

    Signs of ageing
    Fine lines
    Hyper pigmentation
    Dark spots
    Undereye darkcircles
    Patchy skin

    Minimalistic skin care lovers
    The adulting fam
    Ageless beauty lovers
    Natural skincare lovers
    Pregnant-women who seek natural skincare
    Suitable for all skin types

    The natural enhancing agent that helps reduce pigmentation and blemishes.

    Indian laurel:
    A rich emollient that is enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties.

    Indian madder:
    Abundant in antioxidants that help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

    The perfect solution for damaged skin, as it blocks several allergens.

    Kasturi turmeric:
    A healing agent with natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial elements.

    The veteran anti-ageing agent, that's equipped with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

    Enriched with vitamins C and K that lightens, deeply cleanses and moisturizes skin.

    A powerful anti-ageing agent that eliminates dead skin cells and increases blood circulation.

    Is enriched with licochalcone A the best sun protection component.

    Cluster fig:
    The perfect choice for hyperpigmentation and acne.

    Peepal tree:
    Has Vitamin K-rich bark that is effective in dealing with pigmentation and dark circles.

    Natural healing agent that improves skin tone, and mends breakouts.

    Triglycerides of coconut:
    Capric triglyceride is an emollient that softens and smoothes the skin's surface while also aiding in moisture retention.

    Vitamin E:
    An anti-ageing agent, that repairs and hydrates face cells.

    Ylang ylang oil:
    Ylang gives your skin a youthful radiance along with preventing signs of ageing and skin irritations.

    Best way to get the best results would be...

    Step 1: Cleanse your face with Marigold & Orange Mild foaming face cleanser to remove any dirt or impurities
    Step 2: Take 2-3 drops of elixir, apply evenly around the eyes, spread it over the face and neck, and gently massage with upward strokes till it is absorbed completely.
    Step 3: For optimal results, always leave on the elixir overnight to allow deeper penetration and absorption.

    Pro tip 😎:
    To get the most out of your skin, let it sit overnight.
    Use Vanaura organic natural stone massage roller and GuaSha for best results.

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