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Mistakes to avoid while oiling your hair

by Yogeswari D 29 Apr 2022

Our physical attractiveness is incomplete without hair. Choosing the right oil and regular hair oiling plays a crucial role in preserving our hair's beauty and brilliance over time. The scalp's blood circulation is improved by oiling. It also helps with dry hair, rough hair, baldness, thinning of hair, and dandruff. It boosts the overall beauty of our hair while promoting healthy hair growth.

So, are you applying the oil in the correct way? That means you are definitely making some hair oiling mistakes without being aware of them if you regularly oil your hair and still see no difference in your hair-related issues. Our hair can become dull and dry as a result of these hair oiling mistakes. We definitely don't want you to make these kinds of errors often. So, let's examine the most frequent hair oiling mistakes that we all commit.

Mistakes to avoid while oiling your hair

  • Don't brush your hair immediately after it is oiled.
  • Don’t Wash Too Soon
  • Don’t Overuse The Oil
  • Don’t Tie Your Hair Up
  • Don’t Massage Too Vigorously
  • Don’t Overuse Your Shampoo

After oiling your hair, why does it fall?

Oil causes your hair to weigh down, and it may even remove the already damaged hair strands. Massaging your hair too harshly, on the other hand, might cause it to break. Before you oil your scalp, you should make sure to gently massage it.

Dirt, dandruff, and bacteria can collect on your scalp if you oil your hair too much and don't rinse it off properly. Hair loss is another possible side effect of this. If you wish to protect and nourish your scalp and hair, oiling your hair to the point is the right way to do it.

Should you apply oil to your dry or moist hair?

Water is repelled by oil. Water will repel oil if you apply it to wet hair, preventing it from reaching its full potential. This makes it ineffective as a result. The oil cannot go through the water layer on your hair and scalp. As a result, if you want to nourish the deeper layers of your scalp and hair, you must apply oil to dry hair.

Should you apply hair oil every day?

Product build-up on your scalp can occur if you apply oil to your hair every day for an extended period. It could also promote dirt and dandruff by clogging your pores.

You'll have to shampoo your hair every day if you oil it every day. To get healthy, glossy, and silky hair, this isn't the best approach. It is suggested that you oil your hair once or twice a week.

Can you leave the oil on for 2 days?

The length of time we should leave the oil on our scalp is a source of constant debate. For varied periods of time, various hair textures and oils need to be left on.

It is a poor strategy to leave your oil in your hair for more than a day. Since it may create an oil layer on your scalp, blocking your pores, gathering dandruff, and attracting dirt, even a single day is not advised. That will make your scalp feel greasy and filthy all the time.

Is it permissible to apply oil to filthy hair?

It is advised that you do not apply oil to your hair if it is sweaty and messy. To reap the benefits of your hair oil, you should try not to clog your pores with dirt.


If you're like many people, you probably don't give your hair the attention it deserves. And that can lead to problems like dryness, breakage, and even baldness. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your hair healthy and shiny. One of the most important is oiling it! Not only does oil massage helps to relax and nourish the hair, but it's also been shown to promote healthy hair growth. After oiling your hair, make sure to shampoo your hair with a gel shampoo, that is chemical-free for repairing and gently cleansing the scalp and hair. For strong, smooth, and shiny hair make sure to use a good conditioner

 So, what are you waiting for? Vanaura organics has been formulated with natural ingredients to provide the best possible solution for healthy hair growth. It's free from parabens and sulfates so it won't strip away your colour or leave your skin feeling tight and dry after use!

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