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What to eat to look younger?

by Nayana Sivaraj 18 Sep 2020

To look younger and rejuvenating it is extremely important to take care of the internal health of the skin apart from the daily external beauty regime.

To slow down the natural process of aging of the skin, it is crucial to intake fresh and nature’s gifted edible items.

Following is a list of the food items that contributes effectively in revitalising the skin.

Green Tea: It is very rich in antioxidants and act as an effective guard again free radicals, the unstable molecules formed due to excessive stress and during metabolism. The good antioxidants alter their structure and prohibit them from causing damage to the skin.

Aging of the skin, it is crucial to intake fresh and nature’s gifted edible items.

Since the reason behind aging is the breathing process itself, it is quite difficult to stop it. Oxygen oxidises the nutritional intakes and releases energy required for growth & development. At the same time the residual oxidants produced initiates & carry the aging process. Hence the only probable anti-aging solution is to intake an optimum amount of antioxidants in a day which will make the meal more nutritional and younger.

You may feel changing your staple diet is the surest way, but it is not. Changing a staple diet all of a sudden causes abrupt malfunctioning of physiological processes and hampers the body’s natural flow. So, incorporating little diet habits and substituting smaller portions of the staple diet with healthy antioxidants may just do the trick with great success.

Here is a list of viable nimble yet effective diet habits that will make you younger with every meal.

  • Drink a warm glass of water with lemon juice and honey every morning.
  • If a tea person then opt for green tea at least thrice daily, it will be tantalizing & healthy at the same time.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Do not skip on carbohydrates or proteins but make sure to mandate vegetables in lunch.
  • For in between snacks have flax seeds, almonds, berries and supplements capsules.
  • Try cooking with lighter oils to make cholesterol uptake a minimum as possible.
  • Fish fat: The fat in fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which single handily takes care of inflammation, heart disease and ulcerative colitis. They also help protect against the damage and inflammation caused due to excessive exposure to the sunlight.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: It is known to be a massive contributor in controlling the adverse progression of skin damage and further enhancing the youthful look of the skin. Additionally, it brings down the blood pressure, prevents metabolic syndrome and reduces the chances of heart attack.
  • Fresh vegetables: Vegetables form that part of the diet which is low in calorie and rich in beneficial nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants. In taking vegetables dense with carotene can help maintain great skin.
  • Flax seeds: These are rich in Lignans and omega 3 fatty acid named ALA is very popular in keeping good skin health.
  • Avocados: These are full of fibre, healthy fat, minerals, vitamins and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols which are instrumental at fighting inflammation and sun damage to the skin.
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