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Why you should have an organic/Ayurvedic anti-aging regime?

by Nayana Sivaraj 19 Sep 2020

To be in nature’s care is a great blessing. Like any and every thing the outer covering of our body system called the skin wears out if not taken care of.

Ayurveda is that branch of science that is multi faced with massive application in a diverse range of situation and purpose.

Ayurveda portrays a number of factors that act as influencers of skin’s youthfulness and health.

The numerous ayurvedic ingredients help maintaining the moisture (kapha) balance, effective performance of metabolism by coordinating the diverse hormonal and chemical (pitta) reactions of the skin and optimal circulation of nutrients and blood (vata) to the different layers of the skin.

Ayurveda ingredients act in keeping the three dhatus namely the blood (rakta), nutritional fluid (rasa) and muscles (mamsa) in proper balance. An effective and well formulated Ayurvedic anti aging cream supports and uplifts all the dhatus.

It should also be noted that ayurveda takes care of the skin in two fold way. The two therapies in Ayurvedic anti aging skin treatment encompass Vyadhihara or curative treatment and Urjaskara or promotive treatment.

Ayurvedic cream rehydrates and nourishes the skin and contributes in keeping the skin youthful. Premature aging and wrinkling can also be eliminated harmlessly with the cosmeceuticals. A few ayurvedic magical ingredients in the kitty of Ayurveda are as follows:

  • The Vayasthapana herb is that ayurvedic ingredient which is overwhelmed with anti aging properties as it contributes in optimizing psychological functioning and nourishing the skin.
  • Varnya herbs brighten the complexion of the skin and elevate its radiance.
  • The Sandhaniya herbs are great at reconnecting the worn out issues and restarting the function of the skin.


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